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Explanatory leaflet (Minilou instructions)

Directions for Use  MINILOU®

Explanatory leaflet


Directions for use

icone-minilou.png Put the chest band on the hips


icone-minilou.png Position the baby in order that you can kiss and cuddle him, holding his nape of the neck.



icone-minilou.png Roll up the blindfold without making folds


icone-minilou.png Check Minilou fits you. Madam : choose the size you took before being pregnant.

icone-minilou.png Sit down comfortably in an armchair
or in a bed half-stretched and make the most of this moment.


icone-minilou.png If you want to get around with Minilou your infant has to weigh less than 3 kilograms.

icone-minilou.png With Minilou®you must not lie down but you can relax in an armchair or in a bed in a half-stretched position

icone-minilou.png You must not use Minilou® outside : it is made to use it either at the hospital or at home

While baby is asleep you can read, write, sleep...

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