Bebe bandeau peau a peau methode kangourou prematures

Cosiness (Advantages)

Make the most of an intimate moment

Minilou is like another skin, baby is in a good position and reassured. He can fall asleep calmly.
The parents can relax serenely reading or dozing off while their infant is sleeping.
Minilou  is not a traditional baby sling, you can use it discreetly at maternity hospital, at the neonatal service. He guarantees your cosiness.

How long can you use  Minilou ?
Each baby is different, some babies need a skin-to-skin contact for longtime (several weeks) and others much less.

When the baby is ready, mature, and developed enough, he will choose the moment he will stop.   So, he will adopt another way, more classical, sharing moments with you.


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