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Florence Favreau

I am slightly more 50 years old
married for thirty-two years
and mother of three young lady....
and of course:grandmother of three children


Florence FAVREAU
Publication manager


I began the Minilou® adventure  when I chose not to work any more, at the end of 2005 and by medical team request. I have tested conscientiously the chest band not only in a dozen of public and private hospital complexes but also with young parents That's how Minilou® became "my" creation. 

I chose it will be made completely in France : the cloth and the chest band ; I had difficulties finding the cloth manufacturer but I was very lucky concerning the manufacturing of the chest band : Vendée is a region full of dress-making company which accept to help innovative projects and even if it represents a little profit : I thank them.

Perhaps you will meet me, I travel a lot, criss-crossing France, I go sometimes in the bordering countries, all my trips even private are an opportunity to suggest appointments, partnership, pmi and new distributors.... Do not hesitate to appeal me, I will inform you as soon as possible.

I try to be ready to listen to you and above all to answer your questions, I do not search the profits, I only hope for the moments the parents will share with their infants thanks to Minilou®... 

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