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Breast-feed (Advantages)

Breast Feed

        When you are breast-feeding your child, Minilou guarantees you cosiness and confidentiality. Moreover, the skin-to-skin method is well-known to make easier the lactation.

"The full-term infants close to their mothers' chest and born without medicinal help find spontaneously their mothers' breast. "  Anne Marie Widstrom (Sweden)

According to Dr. Righard (1990), the baby's spontaneous behaviour is crawling towards his mother's breast during the twenty minutes after his birth.
  "The full-term or premature new-born can recognize, thanks the memory he acquired during his uterine life, his mother's breast milk odor. After the birth he uses his sense of smell which takes him to the nipple." Docteur Nils Bergman (South Africa).
How can you place  Minilou  for the breast-feeding  ?
Put the blindfold on the hips. Choose the position you prefer for breast-feeding. When the baby finds a pleasant position in order he can easily suck at his mother's breast, roll up the blindfold to his back of the neck.
"Avoid tickling, rocking or caressing him; this tactile stimulation cause abrupt movement and irregular respiration especially concerning premature babies who cannot be concentrated on his mother's breast" Kerstin Hedberg Nyqvist (Sweden).

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