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The Minilou® skin-to-skin designed is perfect for contact with all babies, premature or not and also for breast-feeding and to cuddling baby. It looks like a sleeveless tee-shirt in which you can easily place the new-born baby in a vertical position in order so that baby enjoys skin-to-skin contact with the parent.


Thanks to Minilou®, the baby may still have the reassuring sensations of being in the womb : warmth, safety, vocal sounds and vibrations, smells.
Moreover, the father can quickly learn to understand and bond with his child.
It enables parents to feel  competent and confident especially concerning a premature babies.

The comfortable support of a Minilou® allows you to relax skin-to-skin with your baby and is beneficial in promoting development. 

You can use a Minilou® with all babies even they are very tiny or premature, from the moment  baby achieves the weight of 1 kg (2lb. 3oz.), is able to sustain independant breathing and with the approval of the medical adviser (doctor or midwife). In addition Minilou® baby support can be used at the maternity hospital by the operated and on a drip mothers who have difficulty getting around or at home, at the parents pleasure.

   Madam to obtain the correct size of Minilou® and ensures it fits, order for you size before being pregnant


Minilou®  is a main partner of the kangaroo mother care  :


                                              >>>  baby's temperature regulation
                                              >>> lactation enhancing
                                              >>>  comfortable for food intake
                                              >>>  cuddles / deeper and more restful sleep
                                              >>>  promotes emotional bonding
                                              >>>  stimulates of the sensorial development
                                              >>>  soothing effect before and after treatment
                                              >>>  reduces wind and burping
                                              >>>  reassures the baby
                                              >>>  promotes harmony

>>> According to specialists, the parents' body temperature regulates that of the baby. The baby's body temperature is maintained and contentment is derived from close proximity to parent.

>>> Three hours of skin-to-skin contact with your baby are equivalent to two weeks in an incubator (studies led in the U.S.A in the eighties by Drs. Righard and Alade; Uvnas-Moberg; Sosa, Kennell, Klaus and Urrutia).

Minilou® is the ideal partner


>>> Minilou® It is really easy to use Minilou, you do not need to be trained.
We have dedicated an article on this subject in

Minilou® fabric is simple to wash, is specially chosen for babies skin and made form oeko-tex cotton/elasthan.
For more information about our Quality Charter, we invite you to visit | Quality Charter |
You can find it in four sizes : from S to XL. Made in France.

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